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Vince Gill - Osobnosti

V Vince Gill

Vince Gill


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1. A little left over
2. A little more love
3. Aint it always that way
4. All those years
5. Baby please dont go
6. Baby thats tough
7. Cinderella
8. Colder than winter
9. Dont come cryin to me
10. Down to New Orleans
11. Everybodys sweetheart
12. Feels like love
13. For the last time
14. Given more time
15. Go rest high on that mountain
16. Half a chance
17. Hey god
18. High lonesome sound
19. I cant tell you why
20. I never knew lonely
21. I never really knew you
22. I quit
23. I still believe in you
24. I will always love you
25. If i had my way
26. If theres anything i can do
27. If you ever have forever in mind
28. Ill take Texas
29. It wont be the same this year
30. Ive been hearing things about you
31. Jenny dreamed of trains
32. Kindly keep it country
33. Let her in
34. Lets do something
35. Lets make sure we kiss goodbye
36. Little things
37. Live to tell it all
38. Livin the way i do
39. Liza Jane
40. Look at us
41. Look what loves revealing
42. One More Last Chance
43. Pocket full of gold
44. Pretty little Adriana
45. Pretty words
46. Radio
47. Real ladys man
48. Ridin the rodeo
49. Rita Ballou
50. Savannah
51. Say hello
52. Theres not much love here anymore
53. Til the best comes along
54. True love
55. Tryin to get over you
56. Turn me loose
57. Under these conditions
58. Victim of lifes circumstances
59. Waitin for your love
60. Way back home
61. We could have been
62. We wont dance
63. What if i say goodbye
64. What the cowgirls do
65. When i call your name
66. When i look into your heart
67. When love finds you
68. Whenever you come around
69. Which bridge to cross
70. With you
71. Worlds apart
72. You and you alone
73. You better think twice
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